A film by Jorge Silva Melo, premiers 28 of November at 6h30 pm in Sala Mário Viegas in Teatro Municipal São Luíz, Lisbon

Free entry, just come and pick up a ticket (limited availability, 80 seats in total)

Image José Luís Carvalhosa  Image Assistant Paulo Menezes Sound Armanda Carvalho Editing Vítor Alves e Miguel Aguiar Directed Jorge Silva Melo Production Artistas Unidos/RTP (2016)

Her painting is expansive, open, solar, vital, affirmative (she even gave the title "Yes!" to her first anthological exhibition), she does not recoil before notions of "beauty" or "joy". "Is it a promise of happiness?" I asked her one-day while filming. "Or is it happiness." She replied.

With SOFIA AREAL: an anti-pain practice, which we concluded in 2016, we filmed the artist on several occasions from 2011, throughout the various meetings and alongside the work that we were doing. This is not a retrospective documentary, but a film that is at her side, following her practice, her doubts, certainties, achievements. What interested me, was to see Sofia Areal painting while thinking, thinking while painting.

For her, "what in me thinks is painting", it is her practice, and of that hand, which creates joy every day. And Sofia Areal continues to paint. And I truly need her affirmative painting. Which, as she says, “is a matter of survival”.

Jorge Silva Melo

After the screening of the film we invite all guests to visit INQUIETAMENTE

INQUIETAMENTE - variações sobre um mesmo tema - by Sofia Areal, at Galeria João Esteves de Oliveira, Rua Ivens, 38.

The film will be shown a second time on January 8th in the Fundação Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva