Inmóvel en la Luz, pero Danzante by Sofia Areal, 2013 (en)

- Octávio Paz

“With my sight, I aim to try and find the center of the target (nature is always the field of play) after precise aim the analysis of the captured picture follows (as with the microscope).”

“To believe in beauty, the improbable, the impossible, as painful as that vision of insecurity might be it is part of my way of seeing the world, of living, of trusting in the future – with optimism.

                                        - Sofia Areal – Field Diary 2011

“Painting joy? I would say instead, that by exorcising sadness, the strength with which I desire happiness appears as in a mirror – in the exact proportion.”

“I paint because I like it. The taste for free gesture as an expressive dance of my passing mindset, the possibility to control the course of a work born of the unforeseen and finalized by the will of uncertainty.”

- Sofia Areal – Field Diary 2013