7 Vital Virtues by Sofia Areal, 2014 (en)


This title is an obvious wordplay with 7 Mortal Sins, but beyond that and the symbolism of number 7, I want to draw attention to those “vital virtues” which I practice in my painting and seek for in art at large, they are: intent, firmness, movement, balance, colour, rhythm and transparency.

Approximately 40 recent works on different supports - wood, canvas and paper - divided into several series will be on display at this exhibition thus initiating a new cycle that, more than ever, insists on these virtues which along 35 years as a painter I have increasingly come to feel as urgent and necessary in art and in life itself.

As time went by I have created a vocabulary in my work in which circular shapes, blank or filled areas, transparency or deep opacity have been the means to express my “being-ness”. In these new series, I want to strengthen and give a new breath to that vocabulary and those virtues.Sharpening tools for jubilation.

Sofia Areal | Lisbon, August 2014