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> Creativity / Criatividade  — Allan Hobson and Sofia Areal

"My work is a reflection of my posture in life. In each of these works is intensely concentrated a world to which I give life, that I want to keep alive. It summarises and expresses ideally what I am and my stance at that moment. It’s a way of recording the instant and through it I want to convey my deepest feelings and experience of the world." - Sofia Areal

Year: 2013
Publisher: ISPA
Texts: Allan Hobson, Sofia Areal


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lancamento_do_livro_sofia_areal copy> Sofia Areal

"Could Sofia Areal be like that, always generating the initial gesture, the rising gesture, the conquest, the dangerous moment of long-fought-for balance, the progress, the race, the leap in the sun?" - Jorge Silva Melo

Year: 2011
Publisher: Athena
Texts by: Jorge Silva Melo, Ana Sousa Dias, Luís Campos e Cunha and Emília Ferreira