Serralves in São Bento

The Prime Minister’s Official Residence will exhibit a selection of 26 works of art from the Serralves Collection, produced in the 20th and 21st centuries, spanning painting, photography and drawing.

The exhibition includes a set of distinctive works by leading Portuguese artists and by international artists whose career is linked to Portugal, with a special focus on each set of works and the dialogue between the works exhibited in each space.

While touring the main rooms of the Official Residence, ranging from the public spaces -

the reception, meeting room, dining room - to the workspaces, it soon becomes obvious that the venue displaying these works isn’t a museum or a gallery. Instead, it’s a residence where Portuguese art and culture must have a place and be accessible to everyone.

With the initiative "Art in São Bento", the Official Residence commences an unprecedented trajectory, involving Portuguese modern and contemporary art museums and collections, based on a system of annual rotation.

Until the end of 2017, the gardens and principal rooms of the Official Residence were open for visits, every Sunday, with free admission.