De mim para mim – Um coleção privada

MUDAS. Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Madeira, Portugal
7 April - 10 November 2018


Sofia Areal (Lisbon, 1960) is one of the best-known artists of the mid-80s to 90s generation, with a long career and strong recognition amongst the public. Areal creates in her oeuvre a plastic universe which takes form between painting and drawing, where the gesture is challenged by the colour, displaying complementarities and voids in a lyricism that fluctuates between full contraction and the expansion of the I, which makes us reflect about the never ending and profound condition of Another.

“De mim para mim – uma coleção privada”… can be said to be a thoughtful, profound and intimate re-visitation, an almost anthological one, of the oeuvre’s course between 2003 and now, a return Home, the private eye of the artist, elucidated through the hand of Filomena Serra.

However, Areal is not foreign to Madeira, where her origins are solidly connected and transport her back to the island often. Long and intimate is also her relationship with MUDAS. Museum of Contemporary Art, an institutional collection in which Areal is represented and with projects dating back to the end of the 90s. Here I can point out the exhibitions in the then-named Funchal Contemporary Art Museum, São Tiago Fortress, - No mar do mar (1998) and “Paula Rego, Lourdes Casto, Sofia Areal e Ana Vidigal” (2000) and also, more recently, in 2006 with “360º ao Sol”. Other projects shaped by her stays in the island, as the exhibitions in Porta 33 (1993), in the Quinta do Revoredo – Casa de Cultura de Santa Cruz (1997) or, in the Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum (1998).

Within MUDAS’ 2018 annual program, this exhibition bursts into the main and permanent exhibition circuit of the Museum, (de) constructing dialogues with the Museum’s collection, more specifically with the non-figurative part, allowing the public to know this artist’s rich and diverse path, which must be confronted in context, in order to strengthen one’s knowledge of Portuguese art from the last decades.

Márcia de Sousa
Director MUDAS. Museum
March 2018

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