Que Grande Pouca Vergonha – Morde com todos os dentes que tens na língua

Teatro da Politécnica in the Artistas Unidos exhibition space, Lisbon, Portugal
24 September  -  31 October 2015

Press Release - Que Grande Pouca Vergonha
How Utterly Shameless - Sofia Areal
Que Grande Pouca-Vergonha - Sofia Areal
Film Jorge Silva Melo

Once more working together with Artistas Unidos, Areal presents 13 works with mixed media and collage on paper.

The title of this exhibition is a parody on the relationships between people, couples or not, in all their various aspects.
It is a serious matter.
I talk about people — using only pronouns drawn or painted on paper — and pack into the word all that is essential: the subject. Everything else comes by extension.
It was the reading of Nathalie Sarraute and Roland Barthes, in my late teens that consolidated my interest in the word as a manifestation of life and communication between people. They were books I was interested in talking about, I wanted to learn what a text really was.
The bedroom — what better place than a bedroom, where so many lives begin and end? — a literal image yet the ideal location for exposing this “society” of drawings.
When talking about others, we talk about ourselves.

I, you, he, she, we… Enough! How utterly shameless!

Sofia Areal

Lisbon, June 2015

 * Note from the translator: This subheading is a wordplay alluding to the Portuguese idiom Dar com a língua nos dentes, literally Hit the teeth with the tongue(for talking), and means, to give the whistleor spill the beans.

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